Brief Introduction

The School of Management in Minzu University of China is an integrated management faculty, including three first-class disciplines, namely business administration, public administration, and politics.

At present, the school offers nine undergraduate programs including business administration, marketing, accounting, human resource management, tourism management, administrative management, public affair management, politics and administration, six master programs including enterprise management, technological economics and management, administrative management, politics in national regions, administrative management in national regions, international communist movement, scientific socialism as well as rights to award MPA degree, two doctoral programs including national politics and administrative management in national regions. In short, the school has comprehensive specialties and self-contained hierarchy of subjects.

The school consists of 49 faculty members, including 24 full professors and associate professors, 35 faculty with PhD degree, 15 part-time famous professors from domestic and oversea universities. There are 1342 students in the school, including 941 undergraduates, 219 master candidates, 43 PhD candidates and 139 MPA students. In addition, the school has advanced teaching facilities, such as one large resource room with plenty of books, journals and related documents, two integrated labs for business administration and public administration subjects, and 11 internship bases. Recently, some staffs have undertaken some national and province-level research projects and published some high-quality research papers and books. Currently, the school is conducting some key research projects, such as the national “985” project, and the project of “study on public administration and public police in national regions”.

Based on the principle of “Broad Dimension, Solid Foundation”, the credit system is broadly implemented. Since 2006, the first-class disciplines including business administration and public administration are open to all undergraduates in the school.

The freshmen take basic management courses uniformly when they enter the university, and they may select majors according to their interests and fortes one year later. The students in the Department of Business Administration can select their majors among business administration, marketing, accounting, financial management, human resource management, tourism management; and the students in the Department of Public Administration can select their majors among administrative management, public affair management, politics and administration.

At the same time, some courses in the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Public Administration are interchanged to cater to the needs of excellent students. In addition, students start to take compulsory courses and optional coursers since the forth semester. This teaching model with students in the core pays attention to strengthen the foundation of professional knowledge, enlarge the interchange between disciplines, and enhance students’ integrated abilities and innovation. In this way, students are well-grounded for postgraduate studies and have more choices for future occupation.

The school is gradually strengthening the cooperation with some world-class universities. Some professors from Duke University, State University of New York, University of Alaska in USA and some scholars in China’s top universities were invited to the school for seminar and communication, which provided opportunities for faculty and students to exchange academic ideas. In recent years, some students were recommended to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Beijing Normal University to pursue their master degrees. Some students continue their studies in Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, State University of New York (Old Western Burry) and 岐阜聖徳学園大学in Japan as exchange students.

The School of Management is committed to the comprehensive improvement of students’ morality, humanistic spirits, physical and mental health. At the same time, it put efforts to construct a strong academic atmosphere, and encourage students to participate in social practice and all kinds of extracurricular activities.

In recent years, the school has fostered a large number of talented personnel for Beijing and other regions in China, and has gained high reputation in many state organs, enterprises and public institutions. Some alumni have become distinguished in their fields. As a consequence, we have strong competition in the labor market.

The School of Management is a young school, being full of youthful spirit and energy. It will focus on the undergraduate education and steadily develop graduate education; it will be committed to the continuous improvement of the teaching pattern in various levels, various scales and various models; it will set up a scientific, standardized and new cultivation model which is a solid foundation for a high-quality research-oriented school.

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  Professor Zhang Xiuping is Vice Dean of the Management School of Minzu University and Director of the MBA Education Center.
  Professor Li Shufeng is Deputy Director of the MBA Education Center, Management School, Minzu University.
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